Yılmaz Fine Jewellery

Ours is the story of a half-century-old passion that has been passed on from father to son, growing from generation to generation. It all started in the 1960s with a small gold atelier in the Grand Bazaar, the oldest and still one of the biggest cover markets in the world, and then developed through Metin Yalcinkaya’s passion for precious stones and jewels. Today, it prides itself with a spectacular artisanship that infuses precious stones with craftwork, love and unique design. Yilmaz Fine Jewellery is a unique workshop that turns precious stones into jewels through impeccable craftsmanship. Each and every jewel we make is specially made and unrepeatable.

Grand Bazaar, İstanbul

The oldest and one of the biggest cover markets in the world since the Ottoman Empire, a place that defies history with its unique architecture, it hosts the most talented artisans in Turkey. Come and see the precious gems and unique designs of Yilmaz Fine Jewellery in the magical atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar. Our precious stones will become jewels on you.